Review of Maybelline’s The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara

What do you do when every mascara basically promises you the world? These days all mascaras are advertising the dramatic look their formula will create on your lashes. If they were all true, we would be always looking flawless and spoilt for choice everyday between creating  volumized eyes, defined eyes, giant eyes etc. etc. Yawn. I need real proof one of them actually really makes my ‘modest’ sized eyes stand out.

This mascara is one therefore that I think is well on the way to achieving this! I had heard whispers out there that this was a fantastic mascara, so I thought it was worth trying. I was not proved wrong –  I am now using this mascara pretty much on a constant. This waterproof version of the mascara lasts all day on my lashes, and this is (like my foundation preference) of upmost importance to me – well above how dramatic the actual mascara actually looks on my eyes.  That dreadful shadow under the lashes is nowhere to be seen, hours and hours later, so for me this already becomes a winner solely for this.

The product itself also looks fresh and ready for your summer make-up bag. It stands out, and I like that boldness. The brush itself is a good size with short bristles, and the consistency of the actual mascara is ‘just right’ between thick/ dry and runny/smudgy . I can run the brush over my lashes and they are covered without effort. I did instantly notice that my lashes were longer looking, fuller and definitely did stand out (I often find  I am rushing to put on the eye liner, because my mascara hasn’t made enough of an effect. Not a good sign, but not an issue here).

If you want a new mascara, then this is a great new drugstore basic. I look forward to wearing this mascara all this summer!



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